Menu Planning

Menu Planning Basics Plan ahead to create healthy, budget-wise meals. Making a menu can be easy. Try these tips: Check what you have at home before you go to the store. See what needs to be used [...]

Back to School – Breakfast

Break for Breakfast! Breakfast is important for both kids and adults. Kids need breakfast to give them energy throughout the day and do their best in school. Adults need breakfast for energy and [...]

Making Recipes Work for You

Making Recipes Work for You Tempted to skip over a recipe because of one ingredient? Just use something else! When planning menus, it’s okay to start with just a concept or an idea first instead [...]

Understanding Pricing

Compare Prices Use the unit price to find the best buy. With the unit price (typically a price per pound or ounce), you can compare: The same food in different form (like whole carrots and baby [...]

Set a Healthy Example

Kids learn from watching adults. Kick off the new year eating healthy foods and your kids will too! Model healthy eating habits for your kids: Let your children see you eat and enjoy many healthy [...]