Understanding Pricing

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Compare Prices

Use the unit price to find the best buy. With the unit price (typically a price per pound or ounce), you can compare:

  • The same food in different form (like whole carrots and baby carrots)
  • Foods in different size containers (like a half-gallon and whole gallon of milk)
  • Foods in a similar category or food group (like a pound of zucchini and a pound of asparagus)
  • Different brands of the same food (like name-brand or store-brand cereal)

Want to learn more? For more information on comparing unit prices, refer to this Cooking Matters video.

The Cooking Matters campaign knows that kids need good food to grow up healthy. That’s why we’re here to help you learn to shop for and cook healthy, affordable meals for your entire family. For more information, including additional tips and recipes, visit co.cookingmatters.org.

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Exploring Food Together is a Cooking Matters toolkit of simple activities that adults can use to help kids learn about new foods and start building the skills to make healthy food choices.

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