Get Free Fruits & Vegetables

Shop with your quest card at participating farmers’ markets or grocers. Bring your Quest card to the farmers market info booth before you shop. Market staff is there to help!

Buy snap-eligible foods at the market with your SNAP dollars.

We’ll match what you spend with Double Up Food Bucks—up to $20 a day. Use them right away or later on to buy fresh Colorado-grown fruits & vegetables. Click HERE to find out what types of products are eligible with Double Up Food Bucks!

Video tutorials

Double Up Food Bucks in a variety of locations. These short videos guide you through your purchase.

At The Farmers Market

Bring your EBT card to the market! When you get there, find the information booth. This is the booth for ALL card payments: credit, debit, and SNAP. Tell the market staff how much you’d like to spend at the market with your EBT card.

They will swipe your card, and then give you paper SNAP bucks. These bucks can be spent on any eligible food item that isn’t hot and ready at the market.

Then, they will match the SNAP bucks $1 for $1 with Double Up Food Bucks, good for Colorado-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. If you spend $5, you get $5. If you spend $10, you get $10! They will match up to $20 per day!

Now that you have your bucks, go shop at the vendor booths!

At The Store

Bring your EBT card to a participating Double Up Food Bucks store!

At the register for every $1 you spend on any SNAP-eligible item, you will get $1 off Colorado-grown fruits or vegetables. So if you spend $5 on bread, eggs, meat, milk, etc. you will get $5 off any Colorado-grown produce!

At The Farm Stand

Bring your EBT card to a participating farm stand! Pick out your Colorado-grown produce!

When you go to pay with SNAP, get either 50% off your produce purchase or get $1 Double Up Food Buck for every $1 you spend with SNAP. So if you spend $5 you’ll receive 5 Double Up Food Bucks, if you spend $10, you’ll receive $10. Earn up to $20 per day!

At a Food Box or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

A food box or CSA is a pre-packed box of fresh food that is source locally from farmers in your community. It is a great way to try new fruits or vegetables and grocery shop less with a convenient pick-up system.

To use Double Up Food Bucks at a CSA or Food Box, order a box by going to a participating CSA’s website or calling. When you purchase a weekly CSA box with SNAP, you will get a weekly box free the following week! Bring your EBT card to pick up your CSA box from the drop-off location, then enjoy a free box the following week!

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