Understanding Pricing

Compare Prices Use the unit price to find the best buy. With the unit price (typically a price per pound or ounce), you can compare: The same food in different form (like whole carrots and baby [...]

Set a Healthy Example

Kids learn from watching adults. Kick off the new year eating healthy foods and your kids will too! Model healthy eating habits for your kids: Let your children see you eat and enjoy many healthy [...]

Buying Produce in Season

What does it mean to eat in Season? Eating in season means eating fresh foods being harvested right now – not half-way around the world, but closer to home. With food now shipped from all over [...]

Stretching Your Ingredients

Our friends at Cooking Matters have come up with a few tips and resources to help you stretch your ingredients further! By planning to use foods and ingredients in more than one meal, you can [...]