Using Herbs and Spices; Spice It Up

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Spice It Up!

Lose the salt. Use herbs and spices to kick up the flavor of your meals.

Make the most out of your herbs and spices.

  • Make herbs and spices last longer:
    • Fresh: Wrap the stems in damp paper towels. Store them in a plastic bag in the produce bin of your refrigerator. They will last about 1 week.
    • Dried: Store in airtight containers away from heat (e.g., not above your stove), moisture, and direct sunlight. They will last about 1 year.
  • Make your own spice mixes. Making your own helps you limit sodium and other preservatives added to premade mixes.
  • Use them at the right time.
    • Fresh herbs add great flavor to uncooked dishes, like salads or cold pastas. If using them in a cooked dish, add in the last few minutes so flavor stays vibrant (unless the recipe says otherwise).
    • Dried herbs and spices are great for marinades, slow-cooked soups or stews, pastas, casseroles, and many other dishes. Add them near the start of cooking so they have time to soften and release their flavors.

For more ideas on using herbs and spices, check out Cooking Matters’ 10 Tips for Using Herbs and Spices.

The Cooking Matters campaign knows that kids need good food to grow up healthy. That’s why we’re here to help you learn to shop for and cook healthy, affordable meals for your entire family. For more information, including additional tips and recipes, visit co.cookingmatters.org.

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