Getting Kids Involved in Shopping

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Make Your Shopping Trip Fun for Your Kids!

Ever wondered how to make grocery shopping fun for your kids? Our friends at Cooking Matters came up with the following pro-tips help get your kids involved in shopping!

Before you go shopping:

  • Let kids draw pictures of the foods on your shopping list
  • Ask kids to help you decide between healthy options (apples vs. pears)
  • Give your child a small, healthy snack before shopping
  • Avoid shopping at naptime

While shopping:

  • Let your kids be “produce pickers”; help them pick out fruits and veggies
  • Have your child help you search for the foods on your list; the child can cross them off as you add them to your basket
  • Ask your child to count the number of items you need
  • Talk about the color, shape, and size of items you must buy
  • Ask your child which plant or animal each food comes from, what sound the animal makes, and what the plant or animal looks like

Back at home:

  • Have your child help you put groceries away
  • Discuss why certain foods are stored in the freezer, refrigerator, or pantry
  • At mealtime, remind kids how they helped you find the foods you are eating
  • Ask kids what they like about the color, texture, or shape of the foods

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